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Crete Eva 2016

SACRED SPACES CRETE 2016 Vacation - Retreat

WHEN: JUNE 24 - JULY 2, 2016

Sacred Spaces retreats aims to provide meditative experiences in sacred spaces located in magical vacation destinations. We are starting from Crete. The idea came to me a few years ago while co-facilitating a retreat on an another island. I saw people immersing into the practices but also enjoying the spirit of the ‘real’ Greek vacations and the best way to experience that spirit is with the Greeks themselves! Meet the locals, eat fresh food that is produced on the island, swim under the stars in safe and inviting crystalline waters and so much more… Each environment has a different attunement and the Greek islands are definitely about opening the heart and falling in love with life.

Accomodation Options

We are going to visit a few sacred places to meditate and magical locations to swim and enjoy the sea. We will have beautiful conversations and connect with the people around us or take some time to turn within to unravel the mystery that we are.

The main purpose of the Minoan civilization was harmony. On this retreat by walking in the paths of the ancient Minoans, we ll have the opportunity to experience what a lot of us seek in our times. Hopefully they will allow us to engage with the mysteries of this culture and open a new vibrational path in our lives. The Active imagination skills that you will learn, will facilitate this process of direct transmition as well as self healing. These skills can be also used to engage with our psyche, our dreams and feelings, higher-self and much more.

Activating your imaginative world, learn skills to facilitate your healing process, cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and what surrounds you ( direct transmission, channeling etc). In turn a deeper connection with ourselves cultivates authenticity, love for Self and other, authenticity and a sense of freedom. Join us in the mysteries and beauty of Crete...

June 24: Arrival at HERAKLION Airport, spent 1st night here
June 25-26-27: Stay at Lenda village by the sea
June 28-29-30: Stay at Keratokampos village by the sea
July 1: Back to Heraklio for the last night
July 2: Deprture

What to expect: Accommodation & Food
The most magical places in Greece, and some of the best beaches in the world are located around the little fishing villages in south Crete. Experience less touristy places with simple accommodations and hospitable locals. Here we have the opportunity to step down from the treadmill of modern life and to slow down. As we embrace the beauty of the island the heart naturally unfolds to love.

Prices INCLUDE accomodations, site tickets, and island transport.
Airline tickets to and from HERAKLION Airport are NOT included.
Because in the hot summer days food requirements are different for different people food is not included in the price. Depending of how much you eat and drink you should allow another $300-$500 for the whole trip. The fishing villages that we are going to visit are located in south crete and the products you can buy in the super market are very basic. The food is cheap, fresh, mostly local. Having said that this is going to be one of the best food you have ever tried. If you have special dietary requirements please contact us before booking.

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The journey of awakening your heart's deepest longing is a quest for freedom and happiness. It can be challenging, fun, interesting and rewarding, bringing wisdom and insight to those who chose to follow it. It is a journey to discover our authentic Self.

Shadow work: Powerful tools for inner transformation
(online sessions)

As we grow, we are conditioned, we adapt, we forget... we often lose sight of our heart's desire, of our own life force. Life, relationships, work, everything looses a bit of its vibrant colors.

My name is Theodore Kyriakos. I am trained as an integrative transpersonal psychotherapist (at CCPE, in London, UK). I also draw from the Sufi and Shamanic traditions.
In my work I like to fuse east with west, light with dark, and the known with the unknown, aiming to facilitate others to explore and unfold their true potential, develop their inner resources, and access their creativity.
I am also trained as a supervisor, providing supervision and training to trainee or qualified therapists.

If you want to learn more and stay updated on upcoming workshops, events and retreats, you are more than welcome to join my Facebook public page at .

The way I practice shadow work is by establishing a safe, trusting relationship in which the client feels free to express personal thoughts and emotions. It is through this free expression that we gain deep, personal insight and have the opportunity to integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our personality. I aim to help clients explore their true potential, to develop their inner resources, and to access their creativity. I also teach mindfulness, helping individuals to process difficult feelings, reduce and manage stress (at home, work etc), improve relationships and optimize creativity and productivity.
Initially I have had a central London psychotherapy practice since 2002 for 8 years. Currently I am practicing in Santa Monica in California as well as online through Skype. I am committed to providing both sessions in a confidential and non-judgmental environment.
I work with individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period.

I am currently living Santa Monica in California. Most of my sessions are done by video-phone (facetime) or Skype in the convenience of your home. Online Skype sessions are helpful not only for clients that live far or abroad but also for professionals that travel frequently and/or have a busy schedule. For more information please contact me directly by email. Thank you.


- Thank you for being so supportive, challenging, funny (well some of the time) and generally a fantastic therapist. I honestly don’t feel I would have ‘made it’ without you and I am truly eternally grateful. (K.C. client)

- Theo is an excellent psychotherapist and is deeply committed to his work. He is very professional in his approach to client work and has a great desire to serve his clients to the best of his ability. Theo knows how to support, contain and hold his clients but at the same time he is able to challenge very effectively. (A.C. supervisor)

- Just a small note from me to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without your help and guidance. (H.M. client)

- Theodore is a truth-seeker and this is combined with a strong sense of compassion for the other. He is interested and attentive, receptive and engaged. He takes the work seriously and forms a strong empathetic bond to those who see him for therapy. (P.M. supervisor)

- I have particularly appreciated Theo’s obvious wealth of experience, incisive insights and very true and honest feedback that I have felt has provided insights into myself and my relationships, which i will find useful on my journey to come. (R.P. client)


Shadow Work: Powerful tools for Inner Transformation


Shadow Work Audio Course Description

PRICE: $330 (USD)
8 hours on audio files recorded live from the online seminar

A course for the Alchemy of the Soul:
In the physical world, there can be no light without it's shadow. The outer world reflects the inner world. With Shadow Work you learn to identify, engage and heal your buried wounds to call your Soul back into wholeness.
‘Union reveals pure consciousness’

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― C.G. Jung

This course is designed to give you a personal experience of doing the work. You will learn in-depth techniques and
how to apply these techniques in practical ways for your transformation and facilitate integration of all aspects of Self. This course is a great resource for personal development and for therapists and healers ready to expand their skill level.
You will be trained to use Active imagination, mindfulness and your body to access the realms of your unconscious, increase your intuition and the voice of inner guidance. Active imagination refers to using the imaginal realm as the means to connect with your unconscious mind, or the higher Self and more.
In this in depth Shadow Work course some of the key topics of focus:
- Projection and how to use it to track your shadows
- Basic psychodynamics and stepping into our power
- Who is your puppeteer? Identify and change the inner voices that control you
- Manage and transform difficult emotions
- Source information from your unconscious
- Use body, breath and mindfulness in the service of transformation
- Draw inspiration from places of stagnation and navigate creative blocks
- Connect with your power, inner guidance and live a more authentic life


esalen 2015

Upcoming & Past Workshops and Retreats



with Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Dr. Ronald Alexander & Theodore Kyriakos


Join us for a cutting-edge, dynamic integration of YOGA, MINDFULNESS + WESTERN PSYCHOLOGY. This training is designed for all yoga instructors or therapists who are ready for a profound change in their teaching and practice.

This is a rare opportunity to study in-depth with 4 master teachers, weaving together their expertise in Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Yoga Psychology, Buddhism, Gestalt, Transpersonal Psychology, Priestess work and Mindfulness.

Topics to be covered:

Asana, mantra, mudra + meditation for psychological + emotional healing
Chakras as a map of the psyche-soma connection and how to teach in asana
Shadow work basics to help avoid the pitfalls of teaching
Awareness and therapeutic use of power dynamics in the yoga room
Transference, counter-transference, projection + erotic transference
Introduction to the neuroscience of “How Yoga + Meditation Works”
Facing your fears and transforming your voice as a teacher
Myths of yoga for personal + universal understanding

Explore your edge and refine your skills in this safe and nurturing environment. Each day will be an integration of yoga, meditation, lecture, practice sessions teaching with direct feedback, inner transpersonal work, and soaking in the famous Esalen healing waters.

Whether you are new to teaching yoga or very seasoned, this training will leave you inspired and rejuvenated. You will gain effective tools for a lifetime of exploration and bring renewed passion to your teaching.

FOR YOGA TEACHERS: CEU’s count toward Sianna Sherman’s 500 hr. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (E-RYT)

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